The way we live is changing rapidly and this extends to infrastructure and town planning. Specifically, car parking, road maintenance, and subdivision construction practices and trends are evolving and we need to keep up to remain competitive. Allroad Surfaces is proud to be a road and driveway surfacing contractor working with civil and commercial clients in these areas.

Here is a brief overview of current developments for these entities.

The Future of Car Parking

Smart car parking is here and it is the way of the future. It is an automated car park-based strategy combining human innovation and modern technology to minimise resource consumption while achieving quicker, simpler, and denser vehicle parking.

Too much time and fuel are wasted in congested car parks as consumers drive around, idle, and become increasingly frustrated looking for a vacant space to park. These frustrations commonly lead to distraction and even “road rage”. On top of this, substandard parking ability on the part of some drivers, as well as the failure of car park operators to identify what is really happening in the car park leads to lots and stations becoming “full” and even closing when they are not at actual capacity.

The components of a smart parking system include:

  • Sensor monitoring in each car space
  • Information dissemination to drivers
  • Communication technology
  • Control system

Smart Parking systems use real-time data to direct drivers quickly and easily to locate vacant spaces to park. They use individual parking space sensors to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in each space. The vacant spaces are displayed on overhead digital signage as “available” to direct incoming traffic for a more streamlined traffic flow. This effectively reduces traffic congestion and minimises driver distraction.

Smart Car Parking:

  • Eliminates many inefficiencies
  • Streamlines traffic
  • Minimises distractions and frustration
  • Reduces time spent idling and driving around a car park
  • Maximises consumer satisfaction
  • Helps local businesses by enabling clients, employees, contractors and customers to turn up on time
  • Helps to reduce vehicle emissions

Smart parking is the future for urban on-street parking, surface parking at campuses, shopping malls, and train stations, and in car parks and commercial parking garages.

Queensland Road Maintenance

Road surfacing, road and pavement repairs, asphalt overlays, and bitumen spray reseals all play an important role in Queensland road maintenance. These are intrinsic to driver safety and are employed alongside regular maintenance activities which include vegetation management, drainage management, litter mitigation, and graffiti control.

The Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads, as well as numerous private companies, is committed to civil asset management, and road resurfacing and repair is an ongoing concern. Professional companies like Allroad Surfaces are contracted to undertake road surface treatments for maintenance, rehabilitation, and pothole repairs (both temporary and permanent). The outcome of maintaining roads with the right surface systems in a timely manner is road infrastructure that is safe, serviceable, and meets traffic demands while also forecasting and catering to future needs.

The Future of Subdivisions

There is a marked focus on sustainability and energy efficiency in housing and this extends to modern Queensland subdivisions. In Queensland, plans are afoot to imminently create two sustainable suburban subdivisions at Oxley and Carseldine which will both be 100% solar and battery-powered.

Residents in these subdivisions can expect to pay no electricity bills at all, which translates to an average annual savings of between $1600 and $2000 per household. Excess energy stored in batteries and generated from solar systems will be sold back to the grid at a profit to the community.

This is a benchmark for future planning and construction of subdivisions as well as commercial buildings and other new or renovated residences.

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